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Here is information about how to calculate the profit for team fundraisers when they sell concessions at tournaments or other events:


We have calculated the historical profit on items sold in concessions to be 50%, except for special items, such as Chick Fil A sandwiches.  The calculation becomes a little complex when the team sells chick fil a because our profit on those sandwiches is only $1.26 (not 50% profit which is what we estimate for the other items that are sold in concessions).  We talked about just giving a flat 50%, but decided against it because the extra cost of Chick Fil A would add up after a few events.



 Here is an example of the Calculation:

Total Receipts = $1130.30

Less CFA Sales = $225.00 (50 sandwiches at $4.50 each)

Net Receipts = 905.30

X 50% profit = $452.65

Add CFA profit = $63.00 (50 sandwiches at $1.26 each)

Total Profit = $515.65

So, that deposit of $1130.30 needs to be split - $515.65 to the team as fundraising revenue, and $614.65 to the Booster Club as Concessions Revenue (essentially covers our costs).



 It is important to confirm that the CFA order was paid for with the CC, and the pizza order was put on our account.