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Setting up a New Account

Step One:     

  • Go to the MRMABC Registration Page by clicking here.   
  • Select Create an account and enter an email address to use for your login
  • The system will send you an email so you can create a password (at least 8 characters, including one number)
  • Then go back to the login screen and enter the password you just created

Step Two:   

  • Fill out the parent information page

Step Three:

  • Choose a Booster Club membership level, or choose not to join at this time

Step Four:

  • At the bottom, select Go back to the online registration page

Step Five:

  • Go to EDIT MY ACCOUNT on the left
    • Select Add Child
    • Fill out the Child Information page  On the child's page it is extremely important for team communication that you list the primary email for the family account and then using a semi-colon the other emai accounts that you will want to receive information.  Team emails use this child page to draw information and communicate

Step Six:

  • Select the Sport Registration and follow the prompts




Registering for the Booster Club - must be done annually

Step One:   Select Register Online on the left toolbar.  Now, choose Mavericks Booster Club Registration - while you are not required to join, you must register here in order to register for any middle or high school sport.

Step Two:   Here is where you use your email login and the password you created.

Step Three:  Now you may select which package you would like to join ranging from $75 for Basic Membership to $575 for Maverick Club Membership.  (You can even select "I do not wish to join")   The required fields will need to be filled out and you may select credit card and pay on our secure site.

Congratulations!  You have registered for  the Booster Club and are now eligible to register for sports.

Sport Registration

Step One:  Select Register Online.    Then, choose among the sports that are listed. 

Step Two:  Once you have selected the sport the screen with email prompt and password will appear.  Please remember to continue to use ONE PRIMARY EMAIL so that all of your membership fees will track to this sport as well.

Step Three:  Your family grid will appear.  Select the register button next to the eligible child and then fill in required sports fields.  Yes, these fields may be duplicates of paper information that your coach will require you to turn in. We are working to streamline as much as possible.  Please fill it out anyway (Good news, the system will retain this information and the next time you register your child it will be pre-filled).

Step Four: Now comes payment options again.  Remember the registration is not complete until payment is received. 

If you have any further questions, please contact a booster club officer at